Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pink makeup look

We've finally got a bit of nice weather here in new york. It reached 60 degrees and was so nice out. I decided to do a pinky spring look.. I've recently purchased quite a few new makeup products from BH Cosmetics and wanted to put them to the test. I mean who wouldnt wanna play with makeup anyways, right?

On my lids
•Urban decay primer potion 
•Bh cosmetics Party girl eyeshadow palette (Used hot pink shade on lid)
•Bh cosmetics 88 color Cool Matte eyeshadow palette (Used soft brown shade in crease to warm up my crease and create transition and a bit of deep purple in the inner corner into the crease.
•Bh cosmetics glitter in Wild Berry in center of lid
•Bh cosmetics black liner

On My Face
• Primers: Nyx Pore Filler and Nyx studio perfect photo loving primer
•Foundation: Bh liquid foundation in Hazelnut
•Highlight and contour: Bh Forever Nude Sculpt and Glow in Medium Deep
•Blush and Bronzer: I also used the Bh Sculpt and glow palette.

•Lipliner: Starlooks lipliner in Tickle me Pink
• Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan

I really enjoyed creating this makeup look using Bh Cosmetics. All products are very affordable and are great for personal use as well as for a makeup artist kit.. 

If anyone would like to see how i created this look or would like me to create a look please comment below. Also anyone would like any reviews on what i used or should use letme me know.

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*Inner Glam by Crys*

Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hey everyone i graduated my makeup course and am now certified. I am beginning freelancing and will be adding photos of my work as well as adding information on how to contact me for work. I also will be showing you all my personal tips and tricks and will be giving you reviews on products. I am very excited to begin a new stage in my life and hope you all will follow and grow with me... Til next time

Also please bare with me while i change my website/blog around so i can add my portfolio and contact links.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dolls, Im Backkk

Hey Dolls,

I want to thank all you guys for taking the time to read this post as well as all my previous posts. I had decided to take a break from blogging for awhile. Ive had a really rough few months which prevented me from doing much and i needed a break to get myself together.
But Im Backkkkk!! And i will be posting alot more often.

Todays post is just to inform you all on something i will be taking part of, Im currently enrolled in a makeup course as well as a esthetician course... I cant wait to become a certified makeup artist and esthetician. I will post my progress through school and provide picture tutorials as well as showcase my many looks that i will begin to create.
I am in the procress of changing a few things on my blog, but please subscribe so you can continuously be updated with many more posts to come

Enjoy yor day loves :-)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday wishes to My Daughter

So on this day 8 years ago my beautiful babgirl Jasmine was born.
(My Belly the Day i Gave Birth, Jasmine 1week old)

6am- I was scared that something was wrong because i was starting to see blood.
7am- Rushed to the hospital to find out i was starting to dialate. (3cm)
8am- Was told to go walk and come back at 12
11am- Walked around for like 2 Blocks and was too tired to walk, I packed my hospital bag and baby bag since i waited til last minute to pack.
12pm- Made my way back to the hospital to be told i was (4cm) and would be admitted, but since there was a wait, i was told to go eat since i would not be abled to once im admitted.
2pm- Ate a cheeseburer and started to feel my first small contraction.
5pm- Admitted to the hospital and given a room (5cm)
6pm- (6cm) They had to induce my labor. Broke my water and thats when my real contractions started 
8pm- Contractions getting stronger and waiting for epidural shot.
10pm- Still no shot (8cm)
11pm- Laying in the bed watching Friends, feeling such a powerful pain and still no shot. To help me not think about the pain my daughter's father tried making me laugh by doing the robot. Lol it actually helped a bit
11:15- Doctor came to check me and i told doc i was ready to push and he checked and told me go right ahead and push.
11:23pm- After some screams and heavy pushing and 6 Hours of labor, My precious baby was born. All 10 Fingers and 10 Toes... She was so beautiful.

(Jasmine Today May 13, 2013)

I wanted to take time out to dedicate this post to my precious first born... I was only 19 when i had her and shes made me want to become the best mother and person i could be. I worked hard to provide for her and although i was a struggling single mom i did what i had to for her. To see her precious smile everyday. Now that shes older and has a little sister, she has been such a great big sister and role model for her sister and i couldnt have asked for a more Precious, sweet, caring daughter. 
         Happy 8Th Birthday!!

                      ❤I love you Jasmine❤
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Saturday, May 4, 2013

April Favs 2013

Hey dolls
Sorry im late with  this but im trying to catch up on my blogging. Lately i have been so busy and i have been using quite a few products i havent used in awhile..
1. Benefits Porefessional- omg this primer does wonders with filling in the big pores around my nose area
2. Mica beauty Gel Liner- omg i cant go a day without eyeliner and i love all kinds and colors.  But this gel liner i reach for this most this month... Its the perfect black.
3. Bobbi Brown Palette- i have been reaching for this palette over any others lately... It is spring but i have been doing more of a Neutral eye with a bold lip.
4. Urban decay Primer Potion (Greed)- its a great primer for when i want a shimmer eye look...
5. Be a Bombshell Blush- (Beach Please) since recieving this blush in my ipsy bag i have worn this everday.. Its a hot pink shade which means you have to use a very light hand. But its the perfect springtime pink shade. I love how pigmented it is..
6. Benefit's HighBeam- A pink-ish liquid Highlighter for cheekbones or browbones. Ive been really into highlighting lately for that nice glowly springy look...
7. Maybelline color sensational high shine gloss (#30 One shineday) i have been wearing this lipgloss alone and over quite a few different lipsticks. The pigmentation on it is good and it isnt a sticky gloss.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aprils Carabox

Hey Dolls

 I'm late in posting this but its my April Carabox.. I have had such a busy month and was a little late in sending my package as well... This isnt like me and i will get back on track.. So if you are new to my blog, Let me explain what  is. ITs like a monthly swap, each month you are paired with two different people and you get to know these people and based on the theme,  get to send and receive a package. You recieve a package from one person and send to another. Our Theme for this month was Go Green

I met two lovely ladies Lauren. Thanks sweetie for understanding.. See what i sent her
Keep reading to see what Elise sent me.....

First off look at how cute this package was...

First thing i saw was two packs of "Green" skittles.. My girls enjoyed the candy and ofcourse none was saved for me :-) Burts bees lip balm with mango... Omg this smells so good and is so moisturising...

Then i saw this Green covergirl eyeshadow single in the shade kabom kelly.

Then i saw this Eco Tools foundation brush. Funny thing is this is my first eco tools product. Thanks girl!
Aveeno moisturizer- i love using this moisturizer it helps when i have dry skin.

Next is this green nyc nail polish in the shade high line green. I have tried other products from nyc but not their nail polish so excited to wear this...

So this is my Carabox for the month of april. i really enjoyed getting to know these lovely girls. 
Stay Beautiful Dolls!

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ipsy Bag April 2013

So my Ipsy Glam bag is finally here... If you guys don't know what ipsy is, its a subscription service you pay $10+tax for 4-5 Beauty products. Some are deluxe sizes and some are actually full sizes. The 4-5 products always come in a makeup bag which changes each month and follows a theme.
This months Theme was 
Pretty In Pink
The Cute White and Pink Zipped Bag above definitely went with the theme. I especially love the inside of the bag Pink and White stripes (Sort of resembles V.Secret)  Cute job Ipsy!
So the first item i took out was this Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. Its a Volumizing and Texturing Powder. What you do is take the powder and rub alittle in your hand and rub it in your hair at  roots and it helps add volume to your hair. I couldve done without this but hey i dont mind trying it.

Next thing i took out is this full size Nail Polish by Sation in the shade Love at First Byte. Its a beautiful Peachy Nude color. it is pretty sheer so you might need a few coats to get the full color. Cant go wrong with nail polish in the spring, So once again ipsy, Good job!
Next this was this Mica Beauty Shimmer Powder in Earth. Its a loose powder in a shimmery  pink color. Its really pretty for spring, and i cant wait to do a few looks using this product. I believe this was a deluxe size product.

Last but certainly not least i took out this Blush from Be a bombshell in the shade Beach Please. Its Hot pink, and really pigmented. This is also a full size product. Everyone has been waiting for a blush and we finally recieved one. I have used this blush twice and love it. You do have to use lightly because of its pigmentation.

So this months bag was actually pretty good. I enjoyed some products and some i could do without. 
So I give this bag a 8/10

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