Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March CaraBox Reveal

So heres something new that i tried.. Its called CaraBox and it was created by Kaitlyn as a fun way to meet fellow bloggers and do a monthly swap.. Your paired with two lovely ladies which you recieve a box from and one you send to. Also its every month and each month has a theme for your box.
This was my first time doing this and i was paired with Vicky and Taylor.

Taylor is a sweet college girl who i had the honor of getting to know.. Shes really cool, and i now really found a friend in her.. To see what i sent Taylor Click Here...
Now The box you will be seeing is what i recived from Vickie She is amazing mom and wife with an amazing talent. Keep in touch sweetie..

So on to my Carabox.. Oh wait silly me lol i forgot to tell you the theme... Its "My Name Is". We were to get each other gifts that begin with the letter of their first name.
Ok now on to my Carabox.....

So i recieved this bag of Trolli Big Bold Gummi Bears... The bears were so huge and yummy.. My girls quickly opened it and began to eat it before i could get a single picture lol
"Trolli Treats for the hard days"

Next was these really cute Dora stickers for the girls... Vickie you have to see how jassy notebook is just covered in these stickers... Thanks she loves them..
"Terrific good girl stickers for the little ones when they giving mommy a nice day!"

Then i open this cute purple wrapping and saw this really cute box.. And inside was these really adorable turqouis earrings.. "Specially made for me".. I feel so special (Tear) Hehe.. But thanks vickie i really love these.. And as i mentioned talented she has her own esty store for her jewelry...
Check her out..

Next was this Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish In "Tenacious Teal".. A beautiful teal color, perfect for spring.

Last but certainly not least I received this Bobbi brown Rich Caviar EyeShadow Palette. As vickie stated "In this palette The color Toast was dedicated to you." Its a neutral palette with some matte shades and shimmer shades. The pigmentation on these are great and are so creamy.. I have used this palette almost everyday since i got it.. Girllll you know know me oh to well lol

Then we were to leave a note or letter. And this was the wonderful beautiful card i recieved... Its so cute crafty and girly.. I love this card and i will find a special place for it..

Now i really enjoyed doing this swap and cant wait to continue on each month getting to know all these lovely beautiful ladies... So if this is something you would want to do and is serious about then check out kaitlyns blog above...

Til next time Stay Beautiful!!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

InFluenster VoxBox

Sorry to all those who was waiting for a new post... My little one was sick again and then i got sick. But thank you to all you loyal followers who waited. So i just recieved my influenster box. If you have never heard of influenster its a free to join website that you can give your opinions and knowledge of products. They give you challenges and you can earn badges by filling out surveys and doing reviews and it'll help raise your score... The more influential you are the more of a chance you are invited to challenges and to recieve boxs with products for your review and opinion.. Now these boxes arent given to everyone and its no guarentee that if you recieve one this time that you'll recieve the next...
Also you have to request an invite to join the website. But i do have an opportunity to invite 5 people so if you want to join send me an email @
So my voxbox theme was Sugar N Spice.

First product i saw was this box of nectresse sweeteners. I wasnt too excited for this because i dont like sweeteners like this but it can always come in handy. Who knows maybe ill start using them.. It was a box of 20 packets..

There was this pack of Belvita breakfast biscuits. Theres 4 in the pack and before i could even taste 1 both my girls grabbed all of them lol. But i did manage to get myself a piece and it was actually really good... Its supposed to help provide you energy.. Its flavor is cinnamon brown sugar. It tastes sorta like a graham cracker or those little teddy graham bears that the kids love to eat.. It tastes really good and i do look forward to purchasing some more of these..

Next 3 products i took out go hand in hand. Its colgate toothbrush (full size), Toothpaste (full size) and mouthwash (full size). Using all three products together is supposed to help whiten teeth.. I have used all three products and its nothing special then what i was using before.. I do like the toothpaste better then the other colgate toothpaste i was using. I really dont like the taste or should i say after taste of the mouthwash though.

Now i was excited to see this box of dickinsons witch hazel oil controlling wipes... Ive been hearing alot about using witch hazel on the skin. I really want to try this product as well as there other products.

Now this item came to me in the right moment. I had asked my boyfriend to pick me up some vaseline cocoa lotion. And it just so happened to recieve this box right after asking him. Lol I love these lotions... But what i enjoyed about this one is trying out the spray nozzle it has. I have been using it everyday since recieving it and i do like how it sprays. Its non greesy and very moisturizing. Good job influenster lol i loveeee lotions

So this was my first voxbox and i was happy to be picked to recieve one. I cant wait to receive more for reviews... Til next time stay beautiful!!

So ofcourse i must add this disclaimer. I recieved these products complimentary from influenster for testing purposes...

For business purposes if you want to contact me for reviews please email me at

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Giveaway Update

So i have been purchasing alot of products lately and i have been putting a few things into a cute little box where i store my giveaway goodies. I want to share something special with my followers. The Prize will be kept secret for now. But dont worry you will not be disappointed!! So ofcourse with any giveaway there are rules...
I am extending the giveaway til April 4, 2013... My week has and will be pretty busy so i figured why not extend the giveaway one more week... This also gives all you a chance to enter if you havent already...


1. Must Be Subscribed to my Blog Gfc, bloglovin and Google+ you can as well but GFC is a Must to enter

2. Like My Facebook page... See side for link or Click Link below

3. Send Me a Email at Letting me know you have entered. I also asked so that i have your email address to contact you if you are the winner

4. This Giveaway is for anyone human.. So Yes its also International!!

5. Must Comment down below Telling me what makeup product are you dying to have and or try?

* Once I determine the winner I will email you so you can provide me with your address 
* I will announce your name on my blog
* You will have 48 hours to respond to my email ( If you dont Respond within the 48hrs then another winner will be selected..)
* I will pay for postage or for international shipping...

GiveAway Begins Today and Ends April 4, 2013

So good Luck and Til Nex Time Stay Beautiful!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Garnier Fructis Review

So here i am today doing a review on Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge hair shampoo, conditioner and 1-minute Moisture-Plenish treatment.

So i Recieved this box full of these products for my review and opinion. I used it the day i got the box and i enjoyed it after the first use. It is for dry hair and btw it smells amazing!!!

Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Fortifying Shampoo-
"This 1st innovative shampoo with encapsulated beads of superfruit goji berry + passion fruit and kiwi.
This Hydrating formula with superfruits actuvely replenishes moisture without heaviness."

•For Dry hair
• Superfruit Beads
(Clear gel with blue beads)
• Smells fruity.. Leaves hair smelling great
• just alittle goes along way.. No need to slather on so much.

Fortifying Conditioner-
" This Hydrating Conditioner with Superfruits of goji berry, passionfruit and kiwi, actively replenishes moisture without heaviness"

• For dry hair
• Fruity (Kiwi) scent
• Adds Moisture to hair and leaves hair feeling lightweight

1- Minute Moisture-Plenish Treatment
"The Powerful yet Lightweight formula, with superfruits of goji berry, passion fruit and kiwi, delivers a surge of high-performance hydration in 1- minute without heaviness.

• Dry Hair
• Fruity scent
• adds moisture
• leave in hair for 1-minute then rinse

Now i have used all 3 products since i recieved it and used it a few times to be able to really get a feel of it and now here i am writing this review... I also used this on both my daughters dry mixed curly hair and my boyfriend Dashawn has used it as well. I love this shampoo and conditioner, i love the smell and i love how light it is on my hair when its dry... I have never used a garnier fructis product before.. I usually stick to my Organix moroccan argan oil. But ive been using this ever since i got it. My boyfriend used it and the second he jumped out the shower he told me its so good even he should write a review lol (he doesnt even have a blog) lol so that goes to show how good it is...
I do reccomend these products to people with dry damaged hair. Who needs a lightweight moisture added to their hair.

Now i must say this... Although i was sent this product all opinions are of my own! I will not claim somethings good if it isnt...But i am here to try things out for you guys to inform you of whats good and affordable out there.

Now i recieved this box from Bzz Agent. BzzAgent is a word of mouth website where you fill out surveys about yourself. They find products that may interest you by using your survey answers and when a product is matched to you they send you a campaign request now you can join the campaign or not join. Its free to join this website and its free to recieve products.. Only thing is they asked that you use your word of mouth and share your honest opinions. Thats it.. No gimmicks, no get rich quick scams nothing... The more influential you are the more campaigns you are sent to try... These products i recieved are all full sized products...

This is only for US, Canada and Uk... So people if your interested in learning more go to

Thanks for reading And dont forget to subscribe to keep updated on my blog posts... Til next time stay beautiful!!

My weekend

So i decided to let you guys alittle into my life and show you guys a pic of my family.. I dont like to put pics of my girls on the internet but i really want you all to get to know me better. So on sat we had a family party at a party center. My little cousin was turning 3 and his party theme was Mickey mouse. They had party entertainers for the kids, they played games, danced, and even had a mickey mouse character. Although Alani (the baby) was cranky cause she didnt sleep all day, she made her way around and enjoyed it. Jasmine(My oldest) also enjoyed her night and played alllll night long... My boyfriend Dashawn and I also enjoyed our night talking and spending time with family. I was such in a rush to go to the party i had to rush my makeup so i really couldnt do a closeup look or anything for you guys( sorry) but ill do one soon. Well below is the pic of us and hope you all had a great weekend..

Also if you havent entered my giveaway go do so... Dont forget to sunscribe to my blog to get more updates on my recent and future posts

Til next time stay beautiful!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

*Feb Favs*

So i had wrote this post a few days ago and for some crappy reason my internet would not work.. Ugh i get so mad just thinking about it!! Woosaaaa!! Lol ok better now..

So this is my feb faves.. Each and every month i will be doing a post at the end of the month talking about my favorite items/products for that month... So if your interested in knowing what products ive been using alot this month just keep reading...

Ive been using the party girl palette since the first day i got it. I love the colors it brings. Its perfect for a night on the town or could be used with other eyeshadows for a Daytime look.

Ive really been loving the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. The shade i use is toast but i might go down a shade. But it truely fits its name and really feels lightweight. Its formula is kinda liquidy but goes on smoothly and can be built up..

This is something that i picked up a few weeks ago and have used non stop. Its the Milani XL bronzer in #01 Bronze Glow. I use it lightly for contouring. I dont like dark contours i much rather a natural glow type look so i use the darker shade for my contour points and the lighter shade to add more of a added glow to it.

This E.L.F blush is in the shade Twinkle Pink. Its a light pink shade that has some sparkle to it but once on skin doesnt really show the sparkle.. Its a lovely shade for any tone depending on how much you like it can be built up. It would look lovely on my lighter skinned mamas...

Now as you guys read on my review of the Benefits they're Real Mascara... I have been totally loving this mascara.. I also bought the Too Faced Lashgasm mascara and its also been my everyday mascara.. I pair both of these on my lashes.. The lashgasm lengthens my lashes while they're real provides a more thick falsies look.. I hardly wear false lashes since using these two products.

Next is the Wet N Wild Mega Liner Liquid Liner. Its has a very thin bristle so that i can do thin lines and build up to as thick as i want for my cat eye look. I love eyeliners and cannot go with out it!! Now its really good and i enjoy it but im still on the look out for a better one so letme know what you guys are using and liking.

For lips ive been obsessing over softlips. Its something i used years ago but started using again and omg its seriously the best moisturizer for my lips. I seem to use the vanilla alll the time, when i wake up til the moment i go to bed.

Last but not least is the Maybelline The Flash Clean, Clean Express make remover lotion.. Theres two of these products, one that removes makeup and one that focuses on the eyes and removing mascara.. I wanted to get the one for the eyes but picked this one up by mistake but i love it and really want the one for the eyes even more. You rub it on your face and get a wet rag or cloth and rub it off. It comes off so easy and smoothly...

So these are products i have been using most often and are my favs for the month... What is your favs?

Thanks for taking the time out to read and if you arent following yet, please do so and also dont forget to enter my giveaway... Til next time stay beautiful!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Confessions of a Blogger Tag!

So i was tagged in this by the lovely +Hanzy ReginaPhalange . Thank you so much for tagging me. I enjoyed reading your confessions and finding out more about you and why you began blogging. Hopefully we will begin to talk more.

When did you start your blog?
Um i believe it was Jan 15th 2013.

Have you had any online presence before (Other blog, Youtube)
No i havent.. I have been on beautylish for acouple months prior and talked makeup with people on there as well as chatted with people on ipsy. Also youtube is so intimidating as far as being a beauty guru. Im much more of a writer then sitting in front of a camera talking...

Why did you start a blog?
Omg such a long story. Lol but honestly ive had a very rough life and especially the last two years.
So this year i wanted to do something for myself that was just something for me to make me happy. I have my boyfriend and my kids and little time for myself. He has his car hobby and although i enjoy cars as well, i wanted my own hobby as well and i decided to blog because he doesnt like listening to me talk about makeup lol so here i am...

When did you become serious about starting a blog?
When i Started to realise how friendly everyone was.. It wasnt like people competing to get page views or anything like that but mostly supported each others blog and give each other tips.

What was your first post?
A lil about me.. If you havent read it read here.. After creating my blog i wasnt sure where to start and what to write. Then i figured what better way but to just introduce myself.

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
Time. As a mom/ current housewife, i do have a Lot of responsiblities and sometimes i find it a little hard to find enough time to do all the posts i really want to do.. But i am working on doing a lot more.

Where do you see your blog in one year?
I see it doing pretty well. Ofcourse as anyone i hope i do have alot more followers but i really want to learn and grow with my followers, teach them things that i had to teach myself about beauty. And i also see myself with alot of new friends that i meet from this blogger community

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
Oh boy, having a mushy sucker moment..... (tear) lol Making Friends! I really wanted to just meet new people who share these same passions as myself. I enjoy talking to people and offering my tips and tricks and things that i like and help them with anything they need help with.

What is the most discouraging thing that happens to you?
Not much... Ive been through so much that I've learned to take the good with the bad.

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation?
Hearing from you guys.. Whether it be comments or emails, i enjoy hearing your opinions and just chatting with you. It really motivates me to continue on...

So thats all my confessions of a blogger.. I really enjoyed doing this tag and hopefully will do more tags. Now its my turn to tag a few of you. And link me in it so i can read all your lovely confessions :-)

+Aimee Thomas
+Jai Correa
+Ashlie Lynn
+Miss and Miss
+Britt Washington
+Julie Lindgren
+Jalisa G.

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Hey guys. I would like to share with you my FOTD. I really wanted to keep my face pretty simple with a neutral eye, pink blush and peachy/pink lip... Hope you all are enjoying my fotds as i will continue to do more. Also if you see a look you may want a tutorial on please comment below or send me a email (