Wednesday, January 23, 2013

*Foundation 101*

Ok Ladies so not everyone is a pro using makeup and sometimes picking a foundation can be so damn confusing.. Now first off you need to know your skin type..
Do i have a cool undertone? Warm? or Neutral?

Cool Undertone
~These colors are of your skin tone which is Pink/ Red /Rosy under tones
~Most cool skin tones get sun burn
~You have blue veins on your inner wrist or under eye

~Silver or platinum jewelry compliment your skin

Warm Undertone
~Yellow or Red colors in you skin
~You have Olive, Honey, Golden, undertones
~You  tan easy if your a warm skintone

~Gold Jewelry compliments your skin better

Neutral Undertones  

~You have a nice blend of all of the colors

Now after knowing your undertones its time to decide on how much coverage you are looking for.

Sheer Coverage
~Slight Coverage..
~ It will blur your minor imperfections and even out and enhance your skin

Medium Coverage
~This foundation covers minor imperfections on its own
~This coverage is most common, the skin still looks natural

Medium to Full Coverage
~Very buildable coverage - Which means you can apply your foundation like a medium coverage and go back and cover problem areas again
 ~ Natural looking skin with coverage

Full Coverage
~Cover heavy scarring and discolorations
~Most pigmented foundation 
~Used in dramatic makeup for the Appearance of Flawless Skin

Foundations come in different forms, its up to you to decide which looks and feels better on your skin. So i say try them all and see what suits you better.

~Liquid foundations are very popular, they blend very well
~Works well on normal, combination and dry skins
~Liquid foundations can give dewy, luminous or natural finishes depending on the type.
~Combination skins may use a loose powder to finish the look and prevent shine in the T-zone.
~They also have in almost all coverages

~ Offer full coverage 
~Are ideal for normal and dry skin, because they usually add moisture.
~They give a luminous finish which is flattering on dry, dull skins.

~Give the best finish on combination to oily skin
~They leave a powdery, matt finish.
~They are easy to apply
~Ideal everyday makeup and additional powder is not needed

~Oily and combination skin can use a powder over the foundation to help prevent shine.
~Oily skins will need to use powder across the whole face
~Pressed powders can be used as a complete foundation on oily skin
~Loose powders are the ideal finish to any foundation and help its staying power

OKay so Ladies here it is.... My knowledge of foundations and i hope this works for you and helps you determine which is right for you.. If you have any questions you may contact me by sending me a message or commenting... Til next time dolls, Stay Beautiful!


  1. Hey! I just wanted to say you have an excellent blog and deserve way more followers, I hope you stick with it because I will definitely be reading your posts! And you take excellent photos,
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  2. Awww thanx sweetie... Im still new to this and trynna get the hang of it.. Follow and ill follow back :-)

  3. Lovely in depth blog, really enjoyed it x

    1. Thank you.. When i Started doing makeup i didnt know much about foundation.. I had to teach myself... I really just want to explain it in detail to those who dont know..

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