Tuesday, March 5, 2013

*Feb Favs*

So i had wrote this post a few days ago and for some crappy reason my internet would not work.. Ugh i get so mad just thinking about it!! Woosaaaa!! Lol ok better now..

So this is my feb faves.. Each and every month i will be doing a post at the end of the month talking about my favorite items/products for that month... So if your interested in knowing what products ive been using alot this month just keep reading...

Ive been using the party girl palette since the first day i got it. I love the colors it brings. Its perfect for a night on the town or could be used with other eyeshadows for a Daytime look.

Ive really been loving the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. The shade i use is toast but i might go down a shade. But it truely fits its name and really feels lightweight. Its formula is kinda liquidy but goes on smoothly and can be built up..

This is something that i picked up a few weeks ago and have used non stop. Its the Milani XL bronzer in #01 Bronze Glow. I use it lightly for contouring. I dont like dark contours i much rather a natural glow type look so i use the darker shade for my contour points and the lighter shade to add more of a added glow to it.

This E.L.F blush is in the shade Twinkle Pink. Its a light pink shade that has some sparkle to it but once on skin doesnt really show the sparkle.. Its a lovely shade for any tone depending on how much you like it can be built up. It would look lovely on my lighter skinned mamas...

Now as you guys read on my review of the Benefits they're Real Mascara... I have been totally loving this mascara.. I also bought the Too Faced Lashgasm mascara and its also been my everyday mascara.. I pair both of these on my lashes.. The lashgasm lengthens my lashes while they're real provides a more thick falsies look.. I hardly wear false lashes since using these two products.

Next is the Wet N Wild Mega Liner Liquid Liner. Its has a very thin bristle so that i can do thin lines and build up to as thick as i want for my cat eye look. I love eyeliners and cannot go with out it!! Now its really good and i enjoy it but im still on the look out for a better one so letme know what you guys are using and liking.

For lips ive been obsessing over softlips. Its something i used years ago but started using again and omg its seriously the best moisturizer for my lips. I seem to use the vanilla alll the time, when i wake up til the moment i go to bed.

Last but not least is the Maybelline The Flash Clean, Clean Express make remover lotion.. Theres two of these products, one that removes makeup and one that focuses on the eyes and removing mascara.. I wanted to get the one for the eyes but picked this one up by mistake but i love it and really want the one for the eyes even more. You rub it on your face and get a wet rag or cloth and rub it off. It comes off so easy and smoothly...

So these are products i have been using most often and are my favs for the month... What is your favs?

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  1. I have the e.l.f. blush, too :) I've been thinking about trying the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation. I think I'll try it.


  2. Good products girlie :) Love them all...especially the "They're Real" Mascara lol