Tuesday, March 26, 2013

InFluenster VoxBox

Sorry to all those who was waiting for a new post... My little one was sick again and then i got sick. But thank you to all you loyal followers who waited. So i just recieved my influenster box. If you have never heard of influenster its a free to join website that you can give your opinions and knowledge of products. They give you challenges and you can earn badges by filling out surveys and doing reviews and it'll help raise your score... The more influential you are the more of a chance you are invited to challenges and to recieve boxs with products for your review and opinion.. Now these boxes arent given to everyone and its no guarentee that if you recieve one this time that you'll recieve the next...
Also you have to request an invite to join the website. But i do have an opportunity to invite 5 people so if you want to join send me an email @ Trendsettacrysa@gmail.com
So my voxbox theme was Sugar N Spice.

First product i saw was this box of nectresse sweeteners. I wasnt too excited for this because i dont like sweeteners like this but it can always come in handy. Who knows maybe ill start using them.. It was a box of 20 packets..

There was this pack of Belvita breakfast biscuits. Theres 4 in the pack and before i could even taste 1 both my girls grabbed all of them lol. But i did manage to get myself a piece and it was actually really good... Its supposed to help provide you energy.. Its flavor is cinnamon brown sugar. It tastes sorta like a graham cracker or those little teddy graham bears that the kids love to eat.. It tastes really good and i do look forward to purchasing some more of these..

Next 3 products i took out go hand in hand. Its colgate toothbrush (full size), Toothpaste (full size) and mouthwash (full size). Using all three products together is supposed to help whiten teeth.. I have used all three products and its nothing special then what i was using before.. I do like the toothpaste better then the other colgate toothpaste i was using. I really dont like the taste or should i say after taste of the mouthwash though.

Now i was excited to see this box of dickinsons witch hazel oil controlling wipes... Ive been hearing alot about using witch hazel on the skin. I really want to try this product as well as there other products.

Now this item came to me in the right moment. I had asked my boyfriend to pick me up some vaseline cocoa lotion. And it just so happened to recieve this box right after asking him. Lol I love these lotions... But what i enjoyed about this one is trying out the spray nozzle it has. I have been using it everyday since recieving it and i do like how it sprays. Its non greesy and very moisturizing. Good job influenster lol i loveeee lotions

So this was my first voxbox and i was happy to be picked to recieve one. I cant wait to receive more for reviews... Til next time stay beautiful!!

So ofcourse i must add this disclaimer. I recieved these products complimentary from influenster for testing purposes...

For business purposes if you want to contact me for reviews please email me at Trendsettacrysa@gmail.com.


  1. hey there gorgeous.
    i absolutely adore your blog.
    thats why i nominated you for the liebster award <3
    for all the info check out my blog post!

  2. I really like your blog!!! :) Give mine a peek too if you get a chance and let me know what you think!!! :)