Monday, March 11, 2013

My weekend

So i decided to let you guys alittle into my life and show you guys a pic of my family.. I dont like to put pics of my girls on the internet but i really want you all to get to know me better. So on sat we had a family party at a party center. My little cousin was turning 3 and his party theme was Mickey mouse. They had party entertainers for the kids, they played games, danced, and even had a mickey mouse character. Although Alani (the baby) was cranky cause she didnt sleep all day, she made her way around and enjoyed it. Jasmine(My oldest) also enjoyed her night and played alllll night long... My boyfriend Dashawn and I also enjoyed our night talking and spending time with family. I was such in a rush to go to the party i had to rush my makeup so i really couldnt do a closeup look or anything for you guys( sorry) but ill do one soon. Well below is the pic of us and hope you all had a great weekend..

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Til next time stay beautiful!!


  1. Your bubas are cuute! xx

  2. Your girls are darling! I love Minnie Mouse! I got a pair of ears while I was at Disney this fall and wear them all the time, lol!