Tuesday, February 26, 2013

*BH Cosmetics*

Hey Dolls, So yes i have been M.I.A and ive been picking up alot of new products but havent had the time to write about it. I purchased a few things from BH Cosmetics like 2 weeks ago right before Valentines day. It was Actually part of my Valentines day gift from my boyfriend. I just wanted to share what i purchased with you guys because im really enjoying these products.


1. 88 Tropical Matte Palette- This palette ranges in colors from Tropical Yellows,Warm Oranges, Corals, Pinks/Purples, Sea glass greens and beautiful blues. I honestly havent played with this palette yet. I definitely would use this palette for Spring for a bright eyed look, Also for a Late Summer Night. Its all Matte shades with some colors that have more of a satin finish.

2. 88 Cool Matte Palette- I honestly went for more matte palettes this time because i do have so many other palettes with alot of shimmer shades, and to do a perfect eye you need both shimmer and matte shades. This palette ranges in colors from Ocean greens, Teals, Smokey greys, Cool neutrals, and Deep violets. This is a palette i would pull out if i want to do a Late night spring look. I can use these colors for a daytime look and add a little smokey shade for night time glam.

3. Party Girl Palette- Now this infamous palette I have wanted for quite a while. Its 40 Beautiful colors ranges from Champagnes, Golds, Pinks, Purples, Deep greens, and Matte and Shimmer Blacks and Greys. This palette i have used the most since purchasing. Its perfect for a night out on town when you want to glam up. This palette has both Matte and Shimmer shades.

4. 10 Color Camouflage Concealer Palette- Another palette ive heard great reviews on. The picture does not do this palette justice. Its shades for great for all skin tones. The concealers are so creamy and glide on so smoothly. I have played with this a little and i realized that it works better for me when I use this below my foundation to cover my dark spots. Also the top row can be used for more of a correcting concealer.

5. 32 Color Lip Gloss Palette- I have never owned a lip gloss palette before, and i decided that i should try this and see what looks i could do with this palette. Its colors range from Nudes, Pinks, Reds and Browns. The colors are so smooth and arent sticky. I cant wait to do some great looks using this.

6. 12 Piece Classic Brush Set- I purchased this brush set at a more discounted price. I love brushes and just needed some new brushes (I cant shop without buying brushes lol) i have never tried bh cosmetics brushes and figured i would try these. This black patent case comes with 12 brushes that have black handles and white synthetic bristles. There's eye and face brushes and really are soft and doesnt shed. I have found that acouple of the eye brushes arent picking up as much product as i like but hey ill find other uses for the brushes as i use different brushes for different areas.
Heres a list of the brushes from left to right

1.Dual Sided Brow and Lash                                 7. Fan Brush
2.Spoolie                                                                8. Flat Eyeliner Brush
3.Skinny Eyeliner Brush                                        9. Small Eyeshadow Brush
4.Fine Eyeliner Brush                                           10. Eyeshadow Brush
5.Angeled Eyeliner Brush                                     11. Blush Brush
6.Smudge Brush                                                    12. Powder Brush

Also I recieved a free small kabuki with my purchase. All products are very pigmented and are of good quality for a really good price. I definitely recommend these to all those who love eyeshadows and who want products that provide great color payoff. Visit Bhcosmetics.com for these products and more. The always have some kind of sale so ill start to leave updates on those as well.

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Til Next Time Stay Beautiful!!


  1. You got some nice goodies! I can't wait to see a post of look you come up with using these palettes. I've tried the Costal Scents palette and found that it was very chalky, so I'm considering this one, now :)



  2. Thanks mama.. I have yet to try coastal scents palettes except for that mini quad i just recieved in my ipsy bag. And it was okay but bh eyesahdows are so pigmented...

  3. Yeah it is good.. I was so excited when i got the package... Im obsessed right now lol

  4. Great palette's and goodies :-) Is it good quality? like great colour pay off and so?
    Have a nice day!