Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ipsy/My Glam Bag Review

So first off i know i havent really been posting anything and thanks to everyone who has been patient with me. My little one was really sick and then my boyfriend came home sick and you know how guys are when they are sick right? Ugh, Just like alittle kid lol But now im back and Ive got so many new things i would like to share with you all so within the next few days i will be posting alot. So first thing ill be sharing with you dolls is my ipsy bag..

If you arent fimilar with Ipsy its a subscription box you sign up for and pay $10 a month. It used to be called MyGlam but they Recently changed the name to Ipsy. So you recieve this cute pink package and inside it comes with a makeup bag and 5 sample/deluxe size products and sometimes they do even give full size products. Once you become a member, you become apart of the ipsy community where you can post photos, videos and chat about the products. I've been subscribed to Ipsy for a few months and i do recommend to anyone who loves trying new products and who doesnt want to pay full price before even knowing if your going to like it or not. So all you do is go to the website Ipsy.Com and you take this quick little beauty quiz and based on your response they have an idea of what shades to send you when they send out the monthly package. Btw ladies who wouldnt want 5 deluxe samples of Beauty products for only $10? So if your interested in viewing what we recieved this month just keep reading....

So this months theme was Get Red Carpet Ready

So this is the makeup bag we recieved this month.. Its a black pleather/vinyl like bag with a red inside and ipsy stitched in the center. I think its not bad looking, I have better bags then this but HEY! I cant complain its basically free...

Next was this Pixi Flawless and Poreless Face Primer. Its a small oz. It says its a Pore minimizing face primer, oil free, hydrating, hypoallergenic and for all skin types. I only used this product once so i have not much of a comment but it did work, it maintained the oil in my Tzone. Now this can be found in Target for like $30, so it was great to recieve this to sample and see how i like it.

Quite a few people were upset about receiving this lash card deluxe size sample. Now i was half and half about it. Like i said before, Its like its free, so who am i to complain? Its something new to my collection that i have never tried before. Its supposed to help prevent smudging and clumping. You place the card over your lid to prevent getting mascara on your eyelid/shadow.. I'll use this for my bottom lashes (I have like 5 lower lashes lol and i blink alot so i do tend to get it on my concealer)

This mascara is from Pop beauty and its black. Now i dont have much to say as i didnt really like the product. I also have only used it once but it was kinda dry and didnt do anything for my lashes. Maybe i recieved a faulty one, but it almost seemed like i was putting nothing on. So i was pretty disappointed in this one. (If anyone tried this product and it was better for you, letme know your results)

Now this product i was happy to recieve. Its a Black gel liner from Mica Beauty Cosmetics. This product is actually full size. Its the same size as maybellines gel liner and avon gel liner. I have heard that they're gel liner was good and i loooove gel liners, So you can imagine my face when i saw this in the bag. I have used this about 3x and i have to admit i really do like it. Its creamy and glides on so smoothly and it lasts quite a while. So thumbs up on this product ipsy!!

And Lastly is a mini sample quad called Glitz and Glamour from Coastal Scents. I have never tried any of their eye shadows, but i always hear great reviews on their palletes. So i have to play with these and see what i come up with.. But this seems great for a smokey look..
Top Left- Candlelight (Silver-Like shade)
Top Right- GunMetal (Sparkley black with pink specs)
Bottom Left- Incognito (Black matte)
Botttom Right- Ashen (Grey with sparkle)

So i Really did enjoy this month's bag. I look forward to playing with all the products and doing a look using all these products. If its something you would want to see in a pic or step by step tutorial please comment and letme know.
Once again thanks to those who have been patient and to any new people reading please subscribe. Im on BlogLovin and GFC.
Til Next Time Dolls Stay Beautiful!!



  1. OMG I have been wanting to try this out for the longest! I definitely think I will now. How often do they send bags?

    1. Every month... They charge your card $10 on the 1st of every month and you recieve your package in the middle of the month... They send it usps and you recieve a tracking number by email when they ship it..

  2. Very detailed review, good job! {^__^}

    1. Thank you.. Its all my honest opinion.. Hope your subscribing to keep updated on my posts to come :-)

  3. Oh man so jealous we dont something like this in Australia! And only $10? I wish!! Great post though :) Norelle xx

  4. Yes norelle only $10.. They ship free as well and thats why they dont ship internationally but i heard they were in the works of working something out so they can ship overseas... But i honestly dont know how long its gonna take...