Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers!!

So, i went to walgreens to browse as i normally do to check out whats new, and what i dont have, and i noticed maybelline color whispers.. I was taken away by the cute packaging. Secret: When it comes to makeup I am such a sucker for cute packaging.. Lol sometimes i tend to buy it not for the product but because of how cute it looks. I have quite a few products that i dont like but i bought it because it was just too cute lol
Totally off topic yes i know, but back to the regular scheduled program... Now where was i? Yeah ok so i noticed the lipsticks/lip balms and i also noticed how highpriced the prices were and i quickly took note of what i wanted and left.. I called my boyfriend who works by a walmart and asked him to pick it up for me because its much cheaper there... Now i only got two because i wanted to try them out first and see how i like it... (The Pic and swatches are below)

The first product is called Berry Ready. Its a berry shade which can get deeper when you apply it a few times.. I really like this shade compared to the others because its darker and better suited for my skin tone..

The second one is called pin up peach.. It is sheer, And its a pinky-peach color.. I would recommend this one for lighter shades as on my lips it shows but its not as flattering.

These color whipsers are so mosuturizing. It lasted a few hours as well.. I love how they arent sticky or give me the feeling of being caked on or dry.. They feel just like having on a lip balm but with a sheer tint... They are highly compared to the revlon lip butters and in my opinion they pretty much are the same... These arent going to be my go-to lippie but its definitely being added to my purse for a quick touch up or color when im out and about and have no makeup on.. There are a few more i want to buy and try so ofcourse ill let you guys know when i do..

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Til next time dolls Stay Beautiful!


  1. Pin Up peach looks divine!! Although itll be about 6 months before these come to Australia lol but hopefully Pin Up Peach is one of the colours we get!

    Norelle :)

    1. Yeah i mean its a beautiful color and looks amazing but idk 1 min i like it the next i dont.. Ill have to play with it more.. But you both should def get them when they come out...

  2. I've been wanting to try these and I don't know why I haven't bought it yet lol. But the Pin Up Peach looks soooooo...pretty. I'm definitely going to get that one like tomorrow! Good Post Girlie! :)

    1. Lol you should and let me know how you like em.. It was like $5.80 in walmart.. I really like them both but te berry suits me better.. Im thinking bout getting another shade but i dont know what else to get.. Or maybe i should try something else