Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Mini Haul

Hey Dolls

       I know its been awhile since i've posted but i have been really busy. As a mom of two it can get pretty busy around the house (Kids running about and mommy this and that lol) But i figured i'd share my mini haul with you girls. I recently purchased a few things i have wanted to try and some things i just saw while out and about and just decided to purchase.. This will be a pretty long post so i hope you enjoy

Wet N Wild (Walgreens.com)
First i stopped off at Walgreens and Purchased a few things. Walgreens isnt really my go-to drugstore because they seem so un-organized and never seem to have anything i want or is very over-priced. So i needed just a clear polish and decided why not get this Wet N wild ( I mean it was only .99cents so why not lol) and its just a clear polish protector (401a). Then i happened to see this beautiful soft milky pale pink color called SugarCoat(205b) and i just had to get it ( Was $1.99)

Essie (Walgreens.Com)

So before i headed off to get my hair products and get some new products for my girls curly mixed hair, i happened to pass by Essie. Now usually I never see Essie at my local Walgreens and once i noticed they had these two colors i had to jump on it since ive been wanting these colors for awhile.
This Hot Pink nail Polish is called Fiesta. As i stated it is a Hot pink but with a cool tone rather then being a neon pink. Its very flirty and quite daring for some. I cant wait to try this out and see what i can do with it.. I wanted to try a color i really didnt have in my collection and my eyes couldnt break away from this Good as Gold color. Its a gold metallic color from their Mirror metallics collection. I have seen this shade online quite often but wasnt sure how it would look and just needed to see it in person and VOILA Its just what i imagined it would be Beautiful!!!
I really love these two colors and am considering using both for a V-Day look. If you are interested in pics and or details comment below..

Maybelline Bb Cream

So i have heard quite a few hits and misses on this Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream and it has been something ive been wanting to try out on my own and see how i like it. I was in target with my boyfriend just picking up some random household products and i wanted to pick this up but they didnt have quite a selection and this seemed true to my complexion. So the shade i picked up was   Medium/deep.. It is a bit lighter then it shows in the picture. I have only used this product once so i dont have much of an opinion on it yet. I'll have to try it out a few more times, so look out for a review on this product..

I also had to check out the E.L.F section and i picked up this Black Cream EyeLiner in the shade Midnight. I needed a new Black cream liner.I saw this Lip Plump and Primer duo and figured i could just try it out since i do need a lip primer. And i picked up this healthy Glow bronzing powder in the shade Sun Kissed. Its to light for my complextion and has shimmer in it so ill definitely use this as a highlight. They didnt have much of a selection and didnt have any of the products i really wanted so ill have to look elsewhere.

I was at my local dollar store and at the register they had this small palette of eyeshadows and the colors looked real pretty and bright. So me being me i just had to pick it up. And yes it is no brand that i ever heard of, and as their colors arent as great as other brands i was really pleased at how pigmented these shadows were. They had both matte and shimmer shades that look beautiful on the eye.

M.A.C. ($15 mac.com/Macys.com)

So i had ordered some beautiful boots from macys.com and i once again i just had to pick up yet again another beauty related product and that is This M.A.C red lipstick in the shade Ruby Woo. Now i dont know why it has taken me so long to purchase this lipstick shade because i heard so many great things about it. Its a beautiful red matte shade that seems to look nice on all skin tones. I have a few red lipsticks but i could never find that perfect red lipstick that looked perfect on me and i finally found it!! Yay!! This lipstick i really recommend to those who love red and who wants that great matte look.

Okay so yes this post seems so long but i really hope you ladies enjoyed reading.. Thanks to those who has subscribed and check out my blog. I really enjoy writing and will be posting up alot more often. So please subscribe if you havent and come check me out often. Til next time Dolls, Stay Beautiful!!


  1. OMG! I'm just trying out the Maybelline BB Cream too! I'm posting my review on it tomorrow, but so far I don't have too much bad to say about it :) Good post girlie!

    1. Great i cant wait to read your opinion on it

  2. I know what you mean about being a mom I'm right there with you with two of my own! Love your high lo picks! I've tried the Maybelline BB cream and I don't like the skin tone selection. I'm using Rimmel now and I like it a bit better. I need to bite the bullet and try a red lip I've got a million different pink and nude shades it's ridic. Great haul! PS I love Walgreens!
    -Jai from mamistimeout.com

    1. Yeah i guess all us moms can relate in some way... Yeah the maybelline shades arent much but it seems a bit true to my color.. As far as lip shades i have wayyy to many reds and just now finally found the perfect red.. I have some pinks but not many nudes... Im really venturing out and trying more pink nudes and purples..,