Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Yay its that pink bag time again.. So i recieved my ipsy bag yesterday and this months theme is The Great Escape... With Spring and summer around the corner they are beginning to send out products for us to use in the upcoming months...

First things first is the bag.. I absolutely adore this months bag. Its a nautical anchor bag. The bag has this slumber bag type feel to it.. It kind of makes the scrunchy noise slumber bags make when moving lol but its cute. It has a sheer white interior lining with the ipsy label.. Its a cute and perfect bag for me to take to the beach or out for my summer adventures

First thing i grabbed from inside this bag was this Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist (Tones and refreshes). Its size is pretty good for a sample size.. Its 1 fl oz/30ml... It says to mist lightly on freshly cleansed skin throughout day for exhilarating refreshment. So you know me and as usual i smell everrrything.. And um im not too fond of the smell. It smells like dead flowers in the flower water that hasnt been changed... Lol im not a fan of flowers period so this smell isnt appealing but ill give this a try.

Next is this La Fresh travel-lite makeup remover wipes. It brings 8 remover wipes in this little cute pink pack. It smells sooo good.. Kinda like baby powder, a sweet lightweight scent that just smells so fresh.. I am a fan of quite a few different remover wipes but if i like this i might have to pick up some more packs for travel and on the go occasions... Even though i already have 4 different packs of remover wipes.. But HEY! You can never have too many right?

So the next three products go hand in hand. I recieved two eyeshadows from yaby cosmetics.. I have heard about this brand but not too much. These eyeshadow pans are pretty small compared to other eyeshadow pans i have. Now so far ive seen mixed reviews on these shadows on the ipsy site. People were complaining about the pigmentation but mines were somewhat pigmented.. I mean its not as much as bh cosmetics or as pigmented as other brands but its okay...it can be used dry or wet so ill play with it and see what i can come up with. The first shadow is called sand dune. Its a sand creme color that looks good on my skin tone. The second color is called so vein. Its a bright teal color that is so beauitful.. Great for a spring eye look...

And last but not least i recieved this small palette from Glam Rx. Now this palette is to put in eyeshadow pans.. It fits about eight of these small yaby eyeshadow pans, and maybe 3 mac pans. Its really cute pink packaging is adorable and small. It perfect for travel or just to put in your purse for daily touchups... Great job on this one ipsy!

Now too many people seem to be disappointed in the products we have been recieving in the bags lately and i honestly dont feel no way about it.. I pay $10 a month and i recieve all these products and cute bags each month thats well over the price i pay. Yes i would love to get products like urban decay and benefit but the whole point i signed up for this was to try out new products.. Stuff i never even heard of or would of bought. So to all those who complain, just do yourselves a favor and cancel your subscription. Plenty of people whos on waitlist would love to have your spot!!

Anyways im happy with what i recieved and thank you guys for reading.. Til next time stay beautiful!!


  1. omg i LOVE the bag!
    $10 a month isnt bad at all compared to glossybox and such.
    i'm going to check this out!
    you eanred a new follower (;
    follow me back? <3

    1. Thank you ashley... Yess $10 is a great deal for the items we get... It costs well over $10 best sub box out there in mu opinion.. Thanks for following :-)

  2. Hi :-) I never heard of Ipsy bag...i even don't know if we have this in the Netherlands, I do get the glossybox, that is available here for a year now, and I do get it from the begin :-) Looks like the ipsy bag is great also!
    Cheers AnneMary :-)