Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ipsy Bag April 2013

So my Ipsy Glam bag is finally here... If you guys don't know what ipsy is, its a subscription service you pay $10+tax for 4-5 Beauty products. Some are deluxe sizes and some are actually full sizes. The 4-5 products always come in a makeup bag which changes each month and follows a theme.
This months Theme was 
Pretty In Pink
The Cute White and Pink Zipped Bag above definitely went with the theme. I especially love the inside of the bag Pink and White stripes (Sort of resembles V.Secret)  Cute job Ipsy!
So the first item i took out was this Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. Its a Volumizing and Texturing Powder. What you do is take the powder and rub alittle in your hand and rub it in your hair at  roots and it helps add volume to your hair. I couldve done without this but hey i dont mind trying it.

Next thing i took out is this full size Nail Polish by Sation in the shade Love at First Byte. Its a beautiful Peachy Nude color. it is pretty sheer so you might need a few coats to get the full color. Cant go wrong with nail polish in the spring, So once again ipsy, Good job!
Next this was this Mica Beauty Shimmer Powder in Earth. Its a loose powder in a shimmery  pink color. Its really pretty for spring, and i cant wait to do a few looks using this product. I believe this was a deluxe size product.

Last but certainly not least i took out this Blush from Be a bombshell in the shade Beach Please. Its Hot pink, and really pigmented. This is also a full size product. Everyone has been waiting for a blush and we finally recieved one. I have used this blush twice and love it. You do have to use lightly because of its pigmentation.

So this months bag was actually pretty good. I enjoyed some products and some i could do without. 
So I give this bag a 8/10

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  1. The shade of that blush is gorgeous! Must get some of that!


  2. This all looks lovely! Cool blog! :)

    Kelouise xo

  3. I have the big sexy hair volumizing powder. Its not really something that I would recommend or ever say was a fave either simply because your hair only stays voluminous for about thirty seconds and then just falls flat. I have thick hair and it did nothing for me. And it feels like its baking soda getting sprinkled into your hair. lol.