Thursday, April 11, 2013

ThrowBack Thursday!!

So ive been seeing this around the blog world and heard about it on twitter and Instagram. Todays throwback will also let you guys alittle into my world and get to know something about me. It might be a pretty long post today.. So nobody really knows but i am a catholic and i do believe in god. I dont go around preaching and all that like others or try to put my beliefs on others. I am not perfect and i have to admit i dont go to church like i used to or pretty much at all right now.
Lets rewind 10 Years ago... Me at 17...

Back then there was this kinda of youth group for all ages called Jornada which is spanish and means Journey. Each church that participated in this youth group in each borough were known by what zone they lived in. Each zone also had a color that represented there zone, my zones color was orange. How they seperated the zones idk but my zone was three.. And ofcourse the best zone ever!! Everyone knew who we were and always seemed to want to come visit our group and even come to our events.. So when you first start coming to the group your considered a Pre J (Meaning you havent experienced your Jornada) and the Jornadistas (J's, who experienced their Journey) as you Continue to go to our weekly meeting (Tuesdays), you would learn life lessons and things church related. It wasnt (Boring) like going to mass. We would do skits, and play games and have activities that included all and would have a meaning behind it. A funny skit done that day may have a serious meaning, but we knew how to get our word across without preaching. So when your Jornadistas (J's) feel like a person in their group was ready to go on and experience their journey to christ they would nominate you to go do your jornada and if you accepted, you would go away for a weekend retreat. The fun thing is that you didnt know where the journey was or retreat was located, as any (prej) didnt know. You were taken there by fellow j's blindfolded..

And when you arrived in the building they took off your blindfold and as you looked around you noticed other girls from other zones who were chosen to live this jornada. As our fellow j's and family members left us all alone in this place we all look around trying to figure out who each other is and who will be our fellow sisters in this experience.

My Mom and I 

The retreat begins thurs night and ends sunday. Your also given a J number which ours was 152. So throughout our weekend it was filled with lectures and activities and all that Jazz... And all us girls started to become closer. I was known at first as the one with the mean look or attitude.. But as they really got to know me they saw how cool and amazing i was ;-)...

My Room and Our Showers

My Sisters 

So the reason for me choosing this story as my throwback thursday post is because this weekend will make 10 years since we experienced our Jornada (Journey) and we will be doing a Reunion which a few of us will get togther and go to dinner and just catch up... For some of us its been 10 years since we last seen or spoke to each other but that didnt stop us from talking to each other like time has never past. We have a bond with each other that no matter how much time goes by we will always be there for one another. So to my sisters if you read this post just know I Love you girls! And i cant wait to see to you this weekend!

J 152 


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