Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A word from Crystal..

So in all that has happened i thought it was only right to post about our recent tragedy... It hurts and breaks my heart to hear stuff like this happening. I quickly was worried because i do have family that live and work in that area. So i contacted them and gladly everyone was okay. It saddens me to hear that there were  children that lost their lives and who were injured. 
As a parent you begin to put yourself in these parents shoes and feel the pain and sadness one would go through following such a terrible tragedy.. All those people who were just laughing and enjoying the moment of watching a simple marathon with there families and friends to have to endure such a horrific sight. 
I cant seem to comprehend how someone can do something so horrible. How can you put all these precious lives  in danger?.. 
I sit and think about my two children and how much plans my boyfriend and i have for these beautiful girls. It becomes terrifying at the thought of something bad happening to them, It makes me want to shield and protect them even more.. Even the mere thought of it makes me wanna break down and cry. Sometimes i just wonder if i can keep them home 24/7 and home school. But i do know they have to grow and i cant keep them under my watch 24/7. 
My Prayers go out to all those who were affected. To those who were injured and to the families who lost their loved ones. To the parents of the children who they lost, and the children who will be traumatized by such events.
My heart goes out to all...

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  1. Well said, hunny. This whole thing is devestating and there are no words to express my heartbreak. They will all remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. So sad... We had a bomb threat on campus today. We live in a scary, scary world!

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  3. I´m shocked! My prayers to the victims. :(